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Grinding rollers

DRS-45, DRS-60, DRS-80 and DRS-120 rollers

We make DRS rollers in four diameters: Ø45, Ø60, Ø80, Ø120 mm and two heights: 80 and 130 mm. They are used for grinding wooden or woodlike elements of curvilinear, particularly concave, surfaces.

They are clamped on the milling arbors, especially those with bottom spindles. The outer roller is wrapped with abrasive cloth or paper whose ends are inserted in the slot where they are clamped by an eccentric cam made on the central roller.

Quick and easy clamping of the abrasive paper, without any tools and a small distance on the roller circumference between the fixed paper ends (compared to commonly used wedge-clamped rollers) is its crucial asset.

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DRS leaflet (pdf)
CNC turning | CNC milling | CNC grinding