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Feed mechanisms DSIM-3, DSIM-4, and DSIM-8

Feed mechanisms type DSIM are designed to clamp and move the material in woodworking machines.

Depending on the kind of the processed material (plank, slat or board), a suitable type of feed should be used.

DSIM-3 is the most advanced piece of design. It is particularly recommended for moulding machines as it enables downward or side pressing and 20 speeds are available in each direction: from 2.2 to 38.8 m/min (standard version has 4 speeds).

DSIM-4 is designed for processing such elements as slat or plank on moulding machines and edging machines.

DSIM-8 has the same applications as DSIM-4. It is, however, recommended for processing wider elements.

DSIM-4 and DSIM-8 mechanisms have 18 speeds (from 2.2 to 41.0 m/min in each direction; standard version has 4 speeds) and are designed for processing in the vertical.

The elements driving the processed material are rubber rollers made of special sootless rubber. The possibility for optional application of steel rollers with circumferential indents deserves emphasizing.

Additional application of springy clamps (DDF-1) and climb milling at constant material feed speed forced by the SPOROL mechanism ensures the quality nearly as high as that achieved using four-side woodworking machines.

Working with the feed mechanisms is easier, more productive and, above all, safer. That is why our mechanisms have been used successfully in many facilities. These are small woodworking shops as well as large factories, both in Poland and abroad.

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