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Company history

SPOROL s.c. (private partnership) was founded in 1988 to render machinery maintenance and machining services which has been the company domain ever since. From the beginning, there have been two proprietors.

In our operations we have had excellent working relationships with a number of customers in various industries:

For the paint manufacturer we carried out major overhaul of gear pumps, we also produced gear pumps and some spare parts for the ball mills.
For the food processing industry we produced some manufacturing equipment (tray trolleys as well as confectionery mass and filler trolleys). We also provided them with spare parts.
In the years 1992-2002 we collaborated with a Danish manufacturer of peripherals for injection moulding machines. For that customer we made some components for their products in accordance with their documentation.
We have also worked alongside with universities and colleges. Being commissioned by the Military University of Technology, £ód¼ University of Technology, Gdańsk University of Technology we made mechanical components for test facilities.

We bought numerically controlled machines in 2001 and we have also been conducting large-batch machining ever since.

In 2003 we launched production for the woodworking industry, too.

CNC turning | CNC milling | CNC grinding